Certified Beer Expert


We admit that the promise to make you an expert was classic overselling. But, if you have reviewed the eight steps, we hope you have gained an appreciation for the ancient art of brewing and have seen that there is a wealth of resources regarding craft beer and breweries on the internet.

You have been exposed to the basic history and science of beer and brewing, and you have handy references outlining the important points. You can now practice skills such as proper pouring and pairing a specific food with the right beer. Most importantly, you are now aware of a community of millions of people around the world who share a passion for craft beer and brewing.

You have established more than one way to expand your connection with this community. You can visit breweries near and far from your home. You can experiment with brewing for yourself. Finally, you can rely on specialized vendors to provide craft beers from scores of breweries that you will never have time to visit.

If this eight-step exercise has enlightened you to the extent summarized above, then perhaps you can let us slide on the earlier use of the word "expert." We now dub thee a Brewery.com Certified Craft Beer & Brewery "Enthusiast."

You hereby have the right to use the Microsoft Word file below to print out and award to yourself the Certificate of Beer Expertise. After you download the Word file, don't forget to enable the edit option and enter your details. Please do not forget to change the word "EXPERT" to "ENTHUSIAST."


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